Plastic Patterns

Urethane Plastic pattern tooling plank is the answer to obtaining a higher yield construction when purchasing tooling for sand system applications. Tooling planks offer a lower-cost alternative when compared to having your tooling made in cast iron, aluminum or steel.

Pourable urethanes plastics offer wear characteristics to rival that of steel and are easy to vent when a blow process is needed.

Pourable Epoxy Plastics

Fast Cast is a shop term for the family of pourable epoxies used to make pattern and core boxes. When fast turnaround is an issue these materials are quite cost-effective.

Fiberglass resin and surface coat

If weight due to size is a problem, fiberglass resin and surface coat construction is the way to lighten your tooling while giving it a longer life span.

Call and ask us if you have any questions. We can give you the latest information on how plastics can help save you money.

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