Metal Patterns

Aluminum Permanent Molds are foundry metal tooling used extensively in the truck and automotive industry, for when you need high production, say 50,000 to 100,000 castings, or more.

Shell Patterns and core boxes are cast iron foundry tooling. Shell is the answer for casting needs when dimensional accuracy and cast to fit is the issue. 

Wax Investment Tooling is aluminum tooling used to make lost wax ceramic molds. This method is the most accurate process for dimensional control while yielding a superior surface finish over other casting processes.

High Tolerance Gauge Work fills the need in an industry where casting dimensional verification is required. No-go-gauges being the most common application of this technology.

Tolerance is always an issue affecting fit and production costs. We balance accuracy and economy with your need for tooling functionality and your metal pattern tooling budget.
When you need high-yield mold technology, you can trust our work.

Dura-Bar Prototype
If you supply a CAD part file, we can machine extruded Iron, Dura-Bar stock into a ready-to-use prototype in days, not weeks.

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