Designing Foundry Tooling

Bring your ideas! We have the CAD expertise to create a 3D model on screen, the CAM experience to machine a prototype, and the facility to create the tooling to make a casting.

The Part Design

When you are thinking of part design, it is important to understand where the technology is going. With more powerful computers, comes more powerful software. This couldn’t be more true than in the field of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).

Our Software

Here at Portland Pattern Inc., we have invested in Solid Works CAD software and design applications training for our Cad operators. You can be confident in knowing we can take your part idea and render it as a finished solids model. If you need your part rendered as a drawing, Solid Works has a powerful drafting capacity. We can supply plotted hardcopy as large as E size and custom lengths 36 inches by however long you need.

Tooling Design

Solid Works isn’t the only tool in our software arsenal. We also employ Master Cam as our Computer Aided Machining software (CAM). Between our software and windows basses translators, we can give you your finished files in whatever format you need. If you need tooling to make your design a reality, we can design that tooling. Our programmers use Master Cam to drive the milling machines in creating the specific foundry tooling needed for your parts. Whether you need one part or thousands, we have a highly trained staff to make it happen for you.
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